Makeup Your Mind : Express Yourself, a book by Francois Nars

Hello Everyone!

I have received a NARS Makeup Book : Makeup Your Mind, Express Yourself for my upcoming birthday in May! Yes, it is a little too early but hey, I love presents!

Price : SGD77
You can buy the book at Kinokuniya Singapore.  

I love love love this book because it is full of pictures and beautiful quotes!!! And, I love the way Francois Nars approaches makeup. It is exactly how I feel and exactly what my company Makeup Affair firmly believes in. It is not a technical book that focuses on how to achieve those looks it features but it is more of to show the readers that it is 100% possible for normal everyday woman to look beautiful.

Makeup should never be use only to hide your imperfections. That is very limiting. It limits the options that you can explore with makeup to change the way you look.  It should also be used to make you feel more beautiful and gain more confidence. It is a very powerful tool if you know how to use it to the maximum. And I disagree that woman should only look their best on their wedding day. I think woman should look their best every single day of their life. So learn how to utilize makeup, a skill that can more than make you look beautiful, it can transform your life.

There are so many photos in Makeup Your Mind that I cannot finish looking at them.Because it is not a technical book and does not focus on selling NARS products, I think the book is only useful for people who already have some experience playing with makeup. If you need some guidance, you will probably have to find a professional to explain to you how to achieve those looks.

Overall it is a lovely lovely book and because I love it so much and I know not everyone of you will want to buy  makeup books, I’m going to share some looks with you guys!!! And so, I have decided to use my face, and share the products that I use to achieve some of the looks in the NARS’s new book.

I’m not exactly someone with the best features but it will give you an idea on how the right makeup skills can allow you to achieve those makeup looks in beauty/fashion shoots at home. The women in the book are not supermodels. They are normal people like you and I. However, most of the women in the book have Caucasian features that are very different from Asians and I have to do a few twigs to my face to achieve those looks. For example, I do not have lashes on my lower lash line. I have to use artificial lower lashes. Also, I’m a single eyelid girl. I do not strive to look exactly like them. I just want to conjure the same feeling that you might get when you see those photos.

Each individual look will be a single post and I hope you will learn something! I will post them soon!

Thank you and have a great almost Long Weekend!



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