Makeup Starter Kit For Under SGD150

Basic Makeup Starter Kit for Day and Night

If you are new to makeup and have no idea what cosmetics are reliable and worth buying, I have shortlisted a list of Makeup items and that you can purchase as a Starter Kit. I have also summarized their functions.

1. Foundation : Revlon ColorStay $30.90

    • A good foundation evens out the uneven skin tone, matches your skin tone with your body, not only your neck.
    • A good foundation will also reduce the need for a concealer when applied properly.

Great for combination to oily skin. It does not fade or oxidize after a whole day out. This foundati0n gives medium coverage. If you want a light coverage, just apply about 3/4 of what you normally will. If not you can always mix it with your moisturizer to dilute it a little. 

2. Eyebrow : KATE Designing Eyebrow $20.90

    • Eyebrows are more important that a mascara. The correct shape and thickness will properly frame your face and bring out your features.

This trio eyebrow palette is really a gem. You can sculpt your eyebrows by simply shading in the colors, darkest on the ends, medium shade in the middle and the fairest near the front. It comes with a small brush too that allows you to blend in the colors.

3. Blusher : The Body Shop Blusher $22.90

    • Blusher should NEVER be used alone. It makes the makeup look incomplete and on the contrary, it does not give you the glow you need.
    • 2 pink patches does not give the illusion of healthy skin. A flawlessly applied foundation gives the illusion of healthy skin.

I really like The Body Shop Blusher for the price and the quality. It is 1 of the few blushers that I actually finish down to the pan and constantly rebuy for personal use. 

4. Mascara : Maybeline Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof $18.90

    • Really black mascara helps to bring definition to your eyes and give your face that pop.
    • It gives the illusion of brighter bigger eyes.

I only recommend waterproof mascara because smudges and dark circles are simply a nightmare.

5. Lip Gloss : Revlon Color Burst in Peony Pivoine $19.90, for Day

    • Lip glosses are great when you do not have time to do your eyeshadows.
    • Because of the way they shimmer under light, it gives your face a highlight and define your lips.

6. Lipstick : L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in $20.90, for Night

    • Lipsticks are great for intensity, especially at night when the lights are dimmer.
    • Darker lip shades help to being attention away from the eyes which is a good thing because for most beginners, eyeshadow application can be a challenge.

You can use any lip color in this range of lipstick as long as it is not nude. I will recommend a Plump or a Red.

7. Eyelash Curler : Daiso Eyelash Curler $2

    • Eyelash Curler helps to curl your lashes and open up your eyes.

For $2 and something that works, I have no complaints!

8. Makeup Sponges : Any Drugstore. I bought mine at $3.90 for a bag of 20 sponges.

    • Break the sponge into 2 before you start using them
    • 1 can be use to apply foundation and the other can be use to apply blusher. Yes, you can use a sponge to apply blusher. Just pat the product onto your cheeks bit by bit
    • Use the sponge damp for the foundation
    • Use the sponge dry for the blush

Sponges are great for beginners. They are hygienic and very affordable in the short run.  

*Prices mentioned are all before any discount or store promotions and they are individual items. I decided not to recommend items that come in a set because sets are usually seasonal and are discontinued in a short period of time. Also, this price range does not include Makeup Brushes.

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  1. JY

    Gr8 sharing!:)

    • Gwen Tan

      Thank you! :D with the GSS, they will be really really affordable!

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