Step by Step Guide: Easy Purple Smokey Eyes

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I have come up with a Step By Step Guide for the Look: Easy Purple Smokey Eyes I did previously like you guys requested. However, instead of using my own face, which is very limited because our features are all different, I have decided to use a Face Chart. This Step-by-step guide will show you the technique I used and with the technique, you can do this smokey eyes on almost every eye shapes. I will show you in Photos Step-By-Step and hopefully you can achieve the look at home too!

Makeup Items You Need For The Eyes Only:

    • Nars Pro Prime Eye Primer or any Eye Primer you have.
    • Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Ransom and Fishnet. These Eye Shadows are sold individually too so you do not have to get the entire palette like I did here. If you have other purples that are bright enough, you can use them too. The important thing here is not to use a dark or dull purple because you want to have the contrast between the purples and the black.
    • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Ransom and Asphyxia or any other similar color eye pencils as the eye shadows.
    • Black Eye Shadow (I’m using only the black in L’Oreal HIP Metallic Eye Shadow Duo)
    • Eyelash Curler (I’musing Shiseido Eyelash Curler)
    • Waterproof Mascara (I’m using Chanel Inimitable Waterproof in Black)
    • Waterproof Crayon Eye Liner (I’m using Chanel Stylo Yuex in Ebene)
    • MAC Single Eye Shadow in Rice Paper as Highlighter

Step 1

Apply a thin layer of Eye Primer onto your eye lids.

Step 2

Apply Eye Shadow Fishnet onto your eye lid, from the inner corner up to 3/4 of your eye lid. To achieve a more intense Purple, pat the color on with either your finger or a small  eye shadow brush. I’m using a small eye shadow brush.

Step 3

Apply black eye shadow onto the outer corner of your eyes. To achieve a blended effect, start with only a little black from the outer corner on your eyes and slowly build and blend more towards the purple eye shadow. Continue until you have achieve the intensity of the black that you desire. You can use your fingers or a small angled contour eye shadow brush as shown in the picture above.

Step 4

Line your upper lash line with the black crayon eyeliner (Chanel Stylo Yuex in Ebene) and gently smudge the harsh line outwards with a small precision brush. Unfortunately, you cannot use your small finger to blend because it will still be too big for the small area. For this, you will definitely have to use a small precision eye shadow brush. Most major brands sell this brush. It is excellent for blending on small area and placement of precise and intense eye shadow colors. 

Step 5

Line your lower lash line with the black crayon eyeliner, from the outer corner inwards to about 1/2 way through the lash line. 

Step 6

Line the rest of your lower lash line with Ransom( the darker purple in the picture) and the inner corner of your eyes with Asphyxia ( the brighter purple in the picture). 

Step 7

Using the small precision eye shadow brush, apply the powder eye shadow Ransom onto the eyeliner Ransom and Fishnet onto eyeliner Asphyxia in Step 6 and finish up with applying black eye shadow onto the black eyeliner drawn in Step 5 . This is to set the crayon eyeliners drawn and you apply black last so as not to stain the purple. 

Step 8

Apply a touch of highlighter under your brow bone. I’m using MAC Single Eye Shadow in Rice Paper. To achieve a smooth highlight, it is best to use a large eye shadow fluffy brush. I’m using a basic large shadow brush from Eco Tools. 

 Step 9

Finish off the eye makeup by curling your lashes and applying a good layer of mascara and filling in your eyebrows. You can remove any fall outs with a large powder brush with some loose powder. Finish off the entire look with a Peach blush and a Nude Sheer lipstick. 

Hope this helps!

I will love to do more step-by-step but only with requests because I really have no idea what looks you guys want to learn. Please do send me photos of the looks you want to learn and I will be glad to do a step-by-step guide! :)

If you have a chance to try out this look, do send me photos of the finished look! Will be so excited to see them!

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