Step By Step Guide: Monica Bellucci Makeup in D&G Monica Voluptuous Lips Advertisment

It is love at first sight. This makeup is so hot! Love the hair, the fuchsia lips and intense eyes makeup. Who says we always have to play by the rules of  only pairing Intense Eyes with Nude Lips and Strong Lips with Neutral Eyes? I say if you can carry it off with confidence, go ahead and SHOW OFF!

This Step by Step guide will show you how you can do this Makeup at home!

Before we start with the Eyes and the Lips for this look, we have to prepare our skin as per normal. I suggest using a medium coverage foundation for this look.

For The Skin:

Makeup Items You Need For The Eyes and Lips:


Step 1

Apply a thin layer or Eye Primer onto your lids. 

Step 2

Using the small Eye Shadow Blender brush, apply a layer of brown eye shadow onto the eyelids. I’m using Bdellium Tools #781M for the brush. Remember to use a warm brown instead of a brown with cool under tones. Browns with cool undertones will make the skin around the eyes area look ashy and pale. 

Step 3

Using the Black Crayon Eyeliner, line your lash line. Do not make this line too thick. 

Step 4

Pick a little Black Eye Shadow using the Eye Shadow Smudger Brush and gently smudge out the black eye liner drawn in Step 3. Continue to do so until you achieve the intensity you desire for the black. 

Step 5

Line your lower lash line, from the outer corner inwards to about 1/2 way across the lash line with the black crayon eyeliner and use a small precision eye shadow brush, gently smudge out the liner drawn. 

Step 6

Using the similar small precision brush, apply a layer of the brown eye shadow in step 2 from the inner corner to 1/2 way across your lower lash line. 

Step 7

Apply a layer of highlighter under your brow bone using a large eye shadow fluffy brush. 

Step 8

Fill in your eye brows. This look has a more intense eye brows so I have mixed Brown with a little bit of black to give it the darker finish. I have used a angled brush for mixing the 2 colors together and for application. 

Step 9

Line your upper lash line with a black liquid eye liner. This will bring out the eyes as the black from a liquid liner is usually more intense and has a shine to it. 

Step 10

Finish off the eye makeup with a thick coat of mascara. If you are comfortable with false lashes, you can also use false lashes for added drama. 

Step 11

Line your lips with a fuchsia lip liner and gently use this lip liner to fill up the entire lips. As this is a very intense lip color, you must make sure your lip is well moisturized and has no dry flakes on it. Fill in your lips with  a liner will even out the lip tone and apply the lipstick to last longer. 

Step 12

Fill in your lips with the fuchsia lipstick. Gently blot off excess with a piece of tissue paper. 

Complete this look with a touch of soft pink blush and you are ready to go!

Have fun with this look!



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