Review: Philosophy Keep The Peace

If you are suffering from skin sensitivity, redness, dryness and extreme flakiness, I might have found a solution for you. All in 1 bottle.

I understand the frustration of having skin that does not seem to make peace with you and the environment . Plus, with the holiday seasons coming up, I can feel the urgency of yours to find a solution to keep the skin in check while being able to doll up for the lovely parties ahead.

All women want to look good and feel beautiful whatever your circumstances are. And it has always been my belief that no women should be left out of the wonder of what Makeup can do, even if you are sufferer of skin problems. Thus, whenever I look at my models faces, I only see their beauty and how I can enhance them all. I admit sometimes it is not easy, because as much as my knowledge can help me, everyone’s skin is still very unique. However, with Philosophy Keep The Peace super soothing serum for redness and sensitivity, I can say it has made my work much easier. Simply because it allows me to prep the skin much efficiently for skin with sensitivity issues and also allows women with sensitive skin to embrace Makeup once again!

Its Features:

    • contains natural extracts to help sooth irritation and minimize redness
    • antioxidant enriched to help protect skin against environmental attack
    • helps maintain a healthy skin barrier to minimize dryness
    • allows you to apply onto your face even after a peel

How To Use:

    • place 3-4 drops in palm of the hands, and apply to face or target areas prior to moisturizer
    • apply onto your face as a last step before makeup application

My Experience:

    • Although it is a face oil, it does not leave an oily residue on the skin.
    • Product absorbs fast and sooth sensitive skin for quick comfort
    • Has a lovely scent that is invigorating, almost has a SPA like experience
    • When you apply this before makeup, it allows foundation to stick to your skin much better then a moisturizer and this will give you a much more natural finish. However, this only works for liquid foundation. Do not try to apply powder/2 way cake with this method.

Will I Recommend It?

If you are a liquid foundation user and has been looking for a product that soothes and protect your skin for makeup, this is the 1 product for you.

If you have normal skin, this is great for long hours on the plane, and very good if you have no time to allow your skin to adjust to the new climate/environment and yet you need immediate makeup application.

I will not recommend this to oily skin because I know you will feel extremely uncomfortable with more oil.

Please do not use this if you are a 2 way cake or powder foundation user.


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